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What is SEO and how does it benefit your business?

Millions of searches are carried out on the internet every day to find information about products and services. Increased visibility and a higher position in organic search results affect the number of visits to your website and the conversions that potential customers make. Developing a website or online store requires clarifying user intent, selecting target keywords, creating a clear website structure that leads to conversions and many other steps to optimise SEO (search engine optimisation), as the creation of a website alone does not guarantee the flow of potential customers.  

It is important to ensure that the user's experience on the website is as good as possible. This includes not only the speed of the site, but also a clear navigational structure, the linking of pages, the relevance of content, finding the answer to a question and other parameters.

SEO is a long-term investment that will ensure your business is found in organic search results. It's a long-term, high-value solution for your business.

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We provide the following SEO services for your business

SEO audit

We analyse the state of the website, detect technical and content errors and prioritise them. We make suggestions for solving the problems, finding the best solution for your business.

Competitor analysis

We assess your business competitors in organic search and make suggestions on how to be positioned in that context to exploit your business' competitive advantage.​​

Keyword research

Keywords are the search phrases your potential customers use to find your services and products. We carry out keyword research based on consumers' search intent, demand, competitiveness and relevance to your business.

On page SEO

Based on an SEO audit, competitor analysis and keyword research, we carry out internal SEO activities that allow search engines to properly index your website's content and thus ensure visibility in organic searches.

Google My Business

We help you set up and manage your Google My Business account and be visible on Goolge maps. You can read more about the importance of a Google My Business account for your business HERE.

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